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Driving Instructor Training 

Why driving instructor training? 

In recent times, myself and many others have reassessed their lives, their careers...surely there is more to life, something more rewarding, a career I can get excited about getting up for every morning - could I do something on my own?  That was me four years ago.  You will surprise yourself, go ahead and take that step, and you will wonder why you hadn't done it before now. 


Let me ask you, 'why you are here?'.  If the answer is I have a love of coaching and developing others, driving and cars, helping all ages achieve their potential through tailored coaching, can think of ways to overcome others' hurdles in learning, enjoy the company of all ages and especially teenagers, and want to help others develop skills for a life of safe driving, then you know what, this might just be for you!  This is not just a job, it's a passion of mine, and I want more people like me in the industry, to make the learner driving experience to be a more memorable and enjoyable one. If you think you might have what it takes, click this link and see if you answer yes to all the questions, be honest, as this is a rewarding career for the right person, but it is challenging, demanding, and some days frustrating, but when you find a solution to these challenges, it can be the most rewarding. If you can answer yes to having all the attributes for becoming a driving instructor, then we should talk.  Click here to go to our contact page and I will be in touch


At L to P Driving Instructor Training we are looking for the next passionate instructor, one who truly wants to be that instructor who sends their student off knowing they have given them the skills and the best chance for a life of safe driving.  If you can feel my passion, and you're feeling inspired, then you could well be what we and the industry are looking for!

I can promise as a school, that we will give you the best one to one driving instructor training, to prepare you for what I consider is the most rewarding career.


L to P Driving School could be for you.  We are looking for real talent, Driving Instructors who truly believe in our values of providing our students with the skills for a life of safe driving, in a friendly and professional environment.  Where students and often their parents, see you not just as a Driving Instructor, but a mentor, coach and a family friend, with a passion to coach the best way, a student centred way.


Want to train with the best, and potentially join the best, then read more

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