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Terms & Conditions

Your instructor has the right to cancel a lesson at any time. This may be due to poor weather, illness, car maintenance or similar and / or any other unforeseen circumstance. Where possible an alternative date / time will be given.

You (the pupil) must give your instructor at least 48 hours notice should you wish to cancel your

lesson. Failure to do so will result in your instructor charging you full price for the lesson.

Should you, the pupil, wish to reduce the length of a previously arranged lesson, you must give your instructor at least 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in your instructor charging you for the full duration of the lesson booked.

Should two lessons be cancelled in succession, your instructor has the right to cancel lessons and offer the day and time slot of your lesson to another student.

All lessons must be paid for in advance of the first lesson.

The day and time of the week agreed for your lesson, will be the students time and day up to their first test date.  This lesson time will then be freed up to another student after your last lesson ahead of your test date, as you the student will have had a mock test, addressed any issues and will be test ready and requires no further lessons.


Test dates should only be booked once agreed with your instructor, at a time when he/she believes you are test ready, and not before, therefore no further lessons are required for the students as they are test ready.  If a test date is booked by the student without agreement with your instructor, the instructor reserves the right to refuse use of his/her car for the test and the student will have to take their test in his/hers own car.

Payment is made to the instructor directly either on-line or in cash. No cheques will be accepted

Damaged tyres requiring replacement due to a students miss control, will require a 50% contribution towards a new tyre(s) by the student concerned.  This will be taken out of the current lesson balance or future block payment, or can be paid separately


All practical driving tests MUST be confirmed with your instructor prior to completing the booking.  Please check the Current Test Dates and Times  by clicking this link.  This is to ensure both your instructor and the car are available for the test.

Your instructor reserves the right to refuse you the use of the car for driving tests in accordance with the rules as laid down by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency. This also includes tests booked without confirmation from your instructor (see above).

Driving License Declaration to be acknowledged prior to the start of the lesson.

"I declare that I have no convictions pending and there has been no changes to my circumstances that could affect my entitlement to drive".

It is your responsibility to arrive for your driving lessons in a fit state to drive.  Should your driving instructor suspect that you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or for any

other reasons that may affect your ability to drive, the lesson will be terminated, and the full lesson fee will be charged.

It is your responsibility to check times and dates of lessons directly with your instructor.  It is your responsibility to arrive on time, no shows will be charged at the full lesson rate.

Practical Tests Hire of the driving school car for use during the practical test will be charged

at the normal lesson rate. As your instructor, I reserve the right to withhold the use of the

driving school car for practical tests, if in my opinion the chances of passing the practical

test are unrealistic as directed by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency to whom I am

professionally accountable to.

A mock test will be carried out several weeks in advance of your test date, if in the opinion of the driving school, you are not ready for your test, you will be advised by your instructor and advised to change your test date.  Should you still wish to go ahead with the original test date, your instructor will withhold his/her car.

Practical test cancellation In the event of the driving school car being unavailable on the

day of the practical test for reasons of illness on my part, or for reasons of mechanical

failure, I will refund test fees incurred by you in full. In the event of the practical test being

cancelled by the driving standards agency it is normal practice for the fee to be refunded by

them, however instructor time (3 hours)booked on the day of the test will be subject to the 48 hrs late cancellation notice and will require payment.these fees can normally be reclaimed back from the D.V.S.A.) unless you chose to use the time instead for an additional lesson.

All students can take their test in an L to P Driving School car (or their car if they prefer) when their instructor feels they have the greatest chance of passing first time.  Once a test date is agreed with the instructor and booked by the student, their regular lesson time and day will be freed up for another student to utilise the week after their test.  Students at the required test level, who are unsuccessful should not require further lessons, but should the student want an extra lesson, this should be discussed with the instructor to see what availability he/she has.

Each driving instructor is a franchisee, and as such are self-employed. Lesson fees paid to them are a contract between you and your driving instructor.  Any refunds should be managed between you and your instructor directly.  

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