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Driving Lessons

L to P Driving School offers driving lessons for all age groups, abilities and disabilities.  

Driving lessons the way you like them

Our driving lessons are centred around you the driving student, tailoring the lesson to the way you like to learn.  If you are more of a visual person, or one who likes to give it a go and learn by mistakes, or simply share the risk with the instructor, we will make it work best for you.


Driving lessons driven by you

We will always start the lesson by asking you, is there anything which was covered the previous week that you want to go over, or is there something you specifically want to cover.  Whatever the answer, we will adapt the lesson to meet your needs, and address any uncertainties - these are your lessons after all.  If the answer is no, we will always have a lesson plan to fall back on.

Driving skills for life

The skills we coach are to provide you with a lifetime of safe and considerate driving, we believe that the roads will be a better place for this.  Of course what we coach you will ultimately get you through your practical test, but most importantly we have a duty of care, to know that when you go solo, you are fully prepared, and ready for what lies ahead.

Driving lesson duration

As a driving school we offer driving lessons which are 1.5 hours and 2 hours in duration.  These driving lessons can be pick up and return to home, home to college, between free periods at college, or from college to home, from work to get the idea!  Our driving lessons are provided in a dual control Audi A1, we can also offer students lesson's in their own cars if they prefer, or should you be looking for automatic driving lessons, these can also be done in your car.

Get the those driving lessons in before turning 17 

We do highly recommend our under 17 track experience at Dunsfold

Aerodrome ahead of a student's first lesson, as this U17 driving experience better prepares the student for their first lesson, as they are already confident, and can manage the basic skills of control.

Driving lesson locations

Our Hindhead driving school and Haslemere driving school offers lessons in the following locations; Chiddingfold driving lessons, Elstead driving lessons, Godalming driving lessons, Farncombe driving lessons, Churt driving lessons, Guildford driving lessons, Fernhurst driving lessons, Dunsfold driving lessons, Liphook driving lessons, Liss driving lessons and Milford driving lessons.

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