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How can an U17 driving experience benefit my child?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

There are many reasons why an U17 driving experience at Dunsfold can benefit your child ahead of starting their driving lessons proper

1. They will get a grasp of controlling a vehicle in a non pressurised environment, on a private track

2. Confidence to manage and change gears, whilst driving, pulling away from stationary, approaching junctions, traffic lights, roundabouts etc

3. Understanding the use of gear changes to slow car, we call it engine braking

4. Building confidence to drive at a reasonable speed. This is something which often phases students in the early lessons, so to have them confident with this ahead of their first lesson makes a real difference to their driving lessons

5. Confident managing steering whilst driving. The use of the track and roundabouts enables the student to quickly get to grips with the push pull technique and stop the crossing of arms whilst turning the steering wheel

6. Develop an early confidence and ability for gear changing without looking down, through the use of mile long stretches of straight track

7. Ability to cover off early, bay park manoeuvres x2, emergency stop, hill starts and right reverse manoeuvre

8. Junction approach technique, positioning and observation

9. Understanding lane changing and the need for blind spot checks when significantly changing road position or lane. Plus through the use of cone slalom, understanding how to use clutch creep technique for creep and peep approach to blind junctions

10. Working on approach to T junctions to turn left and right, turning left into side roads and right into side roads

Ultimately these track experiences provide learners with an experience which enables them to get ahead of the curve, building a confidence which in the majority of cases sees them progress at a greater pace through their lessons proper

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