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Struggling to get weekly driving lessons?

If you are like most parents, you'll be struggling to book weekly driving lessons for your child as they turn 17, all the good instructors are fully booked, thanks to the backlog created by Covid, sound familiar?


We are no different, our regular weekly lessons during the week are heavily booked, but what we can help you parents with whilst awaiting a regular slot, is a 6 hour session, spread over three Saturday, where we can help you the parents and your child together, to start driving in the right fashion, so you the parents are not trying to coach in the wrong way, things have changed since we were taught! Also it's so important that your child starts off with the right basic fundamentals, starting them off with bad habits will make it harder for them to come out of them when their lessons start properly.

Find out more at the link below. If you are interested, simply fill in the form in the contact us tab and we will be in touch to discuss.

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