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A fantastic day of under 17 driving at Dunsfold

Saturday 18th January saw four under 17 wannabe drivers take to the track at Dunsfold, all of whom confidently got to grips with driving a car confidently, approaching junctions, managing a car at reasonable speed, pulling away and stopping without stalling, using engine braking and block gear changes into bends.

Lara Woods who starts her lessons with me in March said,’I couldn’t have imagined starting my first driving lesson before doing this session at Dunsfold’ Lara said that it really helped her get over those nerves, and realise that she could comfortably control a car. Looking forward to starting out lessons proper in March Lara!

This is the perfect start for those under 17 to get very comfortable with driving before lessons start, or this who are younger and have a real passion for driving.

If you are interested in booking a session for March or April, text me on 07590 685228, email me at -, or visit our website and send an enquiry form -

Jeremy Neaves

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