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Another great U17 driving experience at Dunsfold

Fabulous day yesterday with three students at Dunsfold. Byron Gerhardt and Peter Scott, both who were under 17, excelled in their 2 hour driving experience, mastering driving and controlling the car around the Top Gear track, see review below from Simon Gerhardt(father). Troy Taylor returned for his second session, to decide whether he should learn in a manual or auto. Troy suffers with Cerebral Palsy,his left leg is weaker than his right and gets bad tremors in his left leg when he gets stressed. Anyway we got him confidently driving a manual car, but the auto is the one for Troy. Safe driving everyone.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:15855849633358917347,rc_q:Jeremy%2520Neaves%2520-%2520Driving%2520Instructor,ru_q:Jeremy%2520Neaves%2520-%2520Driving%2520Instructor

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