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Back by popular demand!

What better way to kick start your love of driving than to get comfortable with driving before you even get out on a road! Maisie and Tyler have both had a few sessions at Dunsfold to prepare themselves for when they turn 17 in the next few months. This under 17 driving experience truly gets rid of the fear and nerves of driving for the first time on a private track with limited other vehicles. Both Tyler and Maisie got back in the car as if it was only yesterday that they last drove(it wasn’t!). Both Maisie and Tyler are now very comfortable driving the car at reasonable speed, have a very good understanding of how to approach junctions, either entering and leaving. Tyler who has had a few more sessions has completed forward and reverse bay parks, hill starts, emergency stops and the right hand reverse. Looking forward to your first lessons will both fly.

Interested in this u17 driving experience, then simply complete the enquiry form on the website and I will get back to you within 48 hours

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