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Commentary driving

As a parent it is always tough taking your child out for a drive when they are learning, and we all know how often you try to tell them what to do, when actually they already know, and get frustrated and worked up with you. Try a drive where you get your child to give you a running commentary, it will feel awkward at first, but it will help you both, as you as the passenger will understand what they are seeing, what they are planning to do, what actions they are planning to take as a result, and you know what....they might just be planning to do what you were going to jump in and ask them to do.

A commentary example

" I'm approaching a junction to turn left. I'm checking my centre and left mirror, and indicating left. I'm now starting to position the car more to the left as I approach, slowing and using engine braking to bring the speed down and prepare for the junction. As I approach I'm looking right, left right left. I'm steering the car to the left following the shape of the kerb, checking both ways again, all clear, so I am staying in second, applying the gas steadily as I pull out, checking my rear view mirror as I straighten up to see if there is anything approaching from behind"

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