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Theory test changes from 14th April 2020

From 14 April 2020, the car theory test will include 3 multiple-choice questions based on a short video you'll watch.

The way the theory test works in England, Scotland and Wales will change from 14 April 2020. The same changes will apply in Northern Ireland. The change will make the theory test more accessible, especially to people with a reading difficulty (like dyslexia)learning disability/developmental condition (like autism).

The change only applies to car theory tests to begin with. Currently, you have to read a case study and then answer 5 questions about it. This tests your knowledge and understanding of road rules. This will change if you take your test from 14 April 2020. You’ll watch one video clip instead of reading a case study, and then answer 3 questions about it.

How using a video clip will work You’ll watch a short, silent, video clip and answer 3 multiple-choice questions about it. You can watch the video clip as many times as you like during the multiple-choice part of the theory test. For example, you can watch the video, answer a question, and then watch the video again before you answer the next question.

What the video clip will look like The video clip will show a situation, such as driving through a town centre, or driving on a country road, and will then ask you questions based on this video


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