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Weekly Covid test #3

Weekly test done yesterday and you’ll be pleased to know when I woke this morning the results were already back, and the result was NEGATIVE.

I can’t stress to my students past and present, and their parents how easy it is to get tested, and don’t believe the stories about how awful it is. It was over in seconds, done really professionally. I’d really recommend you get this done, it will help with the track and trace and getting this virus under control. The beauty of it is you don’t even need to book, just turn up with your driving licence, ask that you have an assisted test( you won’t find it easy doing it yourself(

and you’re more likely to get an inconclusive result).

The testing centre is located in the park and ride car park, just by the Surrey Sports Park, turn left at the crossroads with traffic lights, just before the Royal Surrey Hospital, and it is signposted from there.

Go make a difference, and help stop the spread of coronavirus

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