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Beat the nerves at Dunsfold

Nathalie was an old student of mine who was involved in an accident where the vehicle was written off, two weeks before her first test. The accident was due to another driver having a medical episode and driving head long into the front of the car she was driving. Incredibly, two weeks later, Nathalie passed her test first time! Wind forward 10 months and Nathalie hasn’t driven since. So, we spent a couple of hours together on Saturday in her car at Dunsfold, chatting about what her fears and concerns were, and on the wonderful expanse of the Top Gear track, with negligible numbers of drivers, we worked over each of these concerns, time and time again, until Nathalie could see that she had no need for this anxiety as she was a confident and capable driver. It’s incredible how the mind can play such games with a new driver, to the extent it puts them off doing something they actually enjoy. We took small bite size steps and rebuilt her confidence and trust in herself, locked those gremlins away. At the end of the session Natahlie had a new found friend, her VW Fox, who drove her home beautifully back to Headley. Remember small steps to big strides, walking to running, it takes time and self confidence, but there is no such word as can’t, you can, but sometimes it just takes time

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