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Coach the Parents

Before I became a driving coach, I was like any other parent, taking my child out for additional drives to supplement their lessons and gain extra experience. All good intentions went out the window, when I tried to show my daughter how it 'should be done'....well, the way I was taught some thirty years ago!

Now having trained as a driving coach, I can now see why my daughter sometimes got frustrated with me, things have changed, roads are busier, car technology has changed significantly(ABS means no more pumping the brakes for emergency stops! Remember that?), driving tests have changed significantly since we took them! So often I get students coming to their lesson saying 'mum/dad says I should do it this way, but I told them that is not the way it is done now!'

​Want to help your child through understanding?

If you want to understand how the test has changed, understand what the examiners are looking for in a young driver with their general driving, how they should approach junctions - using the MSPSL routine, merge to dual carriageways, change lanes safely, how the new manouveres should be managed, what are the reference points...and so much more. All of this insight and understanding will significantly help with your child's driving development and reduce friction when you're out with may even become a pleasure!

If you want to ask me about these sessions, or book one in to help you support your child through their driving development, simply click here to fill in the enquiry form.

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