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Covid 19 Update - Jan 2021

In these horrid times I hope all my students', their friends and families stay safe and healthy, stay at home and protect our wonderful NHS.

As we are now in a full lock down, we are unable to provide lessons to any students, this includes U17 sessions at Dunsfold, until the lock down is lifted and we are advised by the DVSA that we are able to teach again.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions on your driving, or are unsure what your partner, mum or dad are telling you to do, and you don't think it's right, then just drop me a line at

The key thing to remember is to make sure you follow the MSPSL ADA routine on the approach to any junction, or when pulling up or moving off. Remember - M Mirrors, S Signal, P Position, S Speed, L look, A assess, D decide, A act. Remember that the order of the routine is absolutely critical, so build in enough time on the approach to tick off that list!

Stay safe everyone

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