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Take care in the white stuff

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

It may look picturesque out there, but don’t get caught out by the white stuff!

Before making a journey, ask yourself is this journey really necessary, if it’s not, stay put!

Make sure you’re prepared for your journey

- start by pulling away very slowly in a higher gear, this prevents skidding and will get purchase on a snowy surface

- if snow is heavy, think, do I really need to make this journey?

- keep a greater distance from the car in front, 10 second gap minimum

- make sure you have enough fuel for your journey

- keep a map in the car in case mobile signal dies or you lose phone charge

- Anticipate and plan, watch further ahead than just the car in front...BE PREPARED!

- Take a blanket and warm clothing, a shovel, and a warm drink...just in case

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